Sharif's Dances


Well, here we go... Sharif reveals his secrets for you!
On this page you will find music titles, sound samples and choreographies of my dances.

All of my dances are pretty much completely choreographed, although I tend to be less rigid lately about following the steps exactly. They have been put together based on what I knew at the time, what moves I was working on at the time, and what worked to the music when I danced to it the first couple of times. I also like to build up the speed and complexity of the dance so as to keep the audiences attention, so I rearrange moves to that effect.

The names for the moves in the choreographies are not always very standard, but you will get the idea. And you can always ask me! You can use this material any way you see fit. I only request that if you want to use a song you have found here, and particularly a choreography, you refrain from using it when I perform at the same event.

  Music Dance
# Title Artist CD First performed Details
1 EshtaktillakMusic notes Zareh Very Belly Dance
Cover art Very Belly Dance
April 16, 2005
Masala Imports
Veil prop, Choreography
2 Staying AliveMusic notes (Bee Gees), my own synthesizer arrangement Saturday Night Fever soundtrack
Cover art Saturday Night Fever soundtrack
June 4, 2005
Masala Imports
3 Low RiderMusic notes War Up In Smoke soundtrack
Cover art Up In Smoke soundtrack
Aug. 27, 2005
4 Il Alem AllahMusic notes Amr Diab Bellydance Superstars
Cover art Bellydance Superstars
Aug. 11, 2006
Choreography, performance video
5 ShineMusic notes Bond Shine
Cover art Shine
Nov. 11, 2005
Veil prop, Choreography, performance video
6 FarscapeMusic notes Chris Neal Themes
Cover art Themes
Aug. 11, 2006
Veil/cape prop, performance video
7 MisirlouMusic notes The Larry Steen World Jazz Ensemble View From Afar
Cover art View From Afar
May 13, 2006
Marisa's bridal shower
8 Kashmir William Joseph Within
Cover art Within
Feb. 24, 2007
9 Feenak Mohammed Fouad El Alb El Tayeb
Cover art El Alb El Tayeb
April 27, 2008
Sese's Soloist Showcase
10 The Sultan's Dance Solace The Gathering Season
Cover art El Alb El Tayeb
April 18, 2009
Sese's Soloist Showcase
Veil poi props

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Please note that for copyright reasons the music is somewhat low-quality and lasts only about 30 seconds.
There are plenty of internet sources to buy the real thing, e.g. Amazon or Rhapsody.