My real first name in hieroglyphs

Sharif's Bio


I was born in the Netherlands and lived there for most of my life. I have always loved music, and have learned to play the recorder, electronic organ and piano when I grew up. In highschool I enjoyed dancing at school parties and took up ballroom and latin dancing for a couple of years. In university I played in a couple of local bands, with styles varying from rock and funk to jazz.

After working in the Netherlands for twelve years, I sought and obtained the opportunity to live and work in the US. I married my long time girlfriend, and we also used that as the perfect opportunity to throw a big party for the friends we were leaving. We moved to Santa Cruz in December 2000, and enjoy the area and people very much!

I have done some ballroom dancing when I was in high school, which I really enjoyed, and also taken some martial arts (judo, kickboxing) and yoga classes. Ever since high school I tend to go out to venues where people enjoy dancing. In September 2004 I got my first belly dance lessons, and got a bit more serious about it in April 2005. I am enjoying this dance, and hope to be doing it for a long time to come!


LENGTH 1.86 m (that's 6'1" for the metrically challenged).
WEIGHT 74 kg (163 lbs. How many stones is that? Smile).
WAIST 33" original Levi's 501.
HAIR COLOR Middle blond, artificially lightened.
AGE Aw, come on... your guess! Let's just say: old enough to meet just about any legal requirement, but not quite ready for the AARP yet.
BIRTHDAY January 16th (which makes me a Capricorn, if that is important to you).
NATIONALITY Dutch (i.e. from The Netherlands). Permanent resident in the US.
MARITAL STATUS Married, since October 12, 2000, to Nakisa. Living together with her for seventeen years prior. Not much of a risk-taker, huh?
EDUCATION Masters degree in Chemical Engineering.
OCCUPATION Computer programmer in digital audio.