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Belly Dance Blog 2011

Here's an ongoing description of events in my belly dance journey, in reverse chronological order. Performances, workshops, festivals...
Enjoy, and check back regularly!

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July 9: PPFCDC Recital.

More text to come...


April 30: Performance at Sese's Soloist Showcase.

More text to come...


March 13: Performance at Rakkasah West 2011.

Cabaret stage of Civic Auditorium, Richmond, 5:48pm More text to come...


January 23: Workshop with Suhaila Salimpour.

Nakisa and I have signed up for a three-hour workshop with Suhaila Salimpour today. Before we go in I almost regret that decision - her workshops are known to be very tough! But I feel better about it when we meet some friends before the workshop who we haven't seen for a long time. And during the workshop I really enjoy her explanation of the exercises, and much of her assessment of the belly dance world - it just all seems to make a lot of sense. I have to admit that I appreciate a good workout and need a lot of repetition to learn things. And fortunately I find that several years of studying with Crystal allow me to do this workshop at the average ability level of the participants, instead of at the bottom. I even get complimented by Suhaila during one drill - granted, it wasn't the most difficult combination of the afternoon, but still... In the end I'm really glad I did this and feel that I have learned a few things better just because they were explained differently. And I definitely got my exercise for the day!


January 9: Rakkasah West 2011 call in.

Another attempt to continue the tradition of a yearly performance at the Rakkasah festival - this tradition is going on for four years now. It turns out to be difficult to get through this time, and that's the experience of many of our Santa Cruz dance friends. Eventually Nakisa has her phone call answered and she hands the phone to me - she's going to perform with Sese's troupe herself, and they're already in. The pickings are slim and I choose a slot on Sunday at 5:48pm on the Cabaret stage (the small stage). Please come on out to watch me and cheer me on!

Nakisa will be dancing on Saturday at 6:40pm on the main stage, and she and her troupe could use a friendly audience too!


Previous events are described in Belly Dance Blog 2010.