I enjoy performing my dances, and I am now open to booking requests. A belly dance performance is a nice highlight for your event, be it a birthday party, a bridal shower or an anniversary. And for a bachelorette party, a male belly dancer is a great alternative for a stripper - it shows you have some class!

Performances may include:

  • cape dance
  • double veil dance
  • tray or sword balancing


A few caveats:

  • I am not a stripper. Please continue your internet search elsewhere if that's what you are looking for.
  • No male-only parties (e.g. bachelors parties). I prefer to play out to women in my dance, and such parties just don't provide the right atmosphere.
  • I fully expect my audience to respect and appreciate my art. If you are just looking for a laugh, I can recommend Bozo the clown - you'll get more mileage out of him!
  • Distance can easily become prohibitive. Although my prices are reasonable, I have to charge you for my mileage and time when travelling over 10 miles from Santa Cruz. In general, anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area is still realistically priced.
  • Did I mention I am not a stripper?


Please briefly describe your event, the expected audience and the venue. I will get back to you shortly with more details and pricing options. If I can't fit your event in my schedule I can recommend other performers.

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