Belly Dance Glossary

Belly dance Group of traditional dances practiced in the greater Middle East (Turkey, Persia, Egypt, Marocco...). Middle Eastern dance is probably a better term.
Beledi A style of Middle Eastern music and dance, with a specific rhythm. The literal translation is "of the country", or perhaps even "folkloric".
Blog Web log. Fancy term for an online diary, like you find on this site.
Hafla Belly dance party.
Raqs Sharki The Egyptian belly dance style. Arabic for "eastern dance".
Shemadan A candelabra worn on the head, originally used by hired professional dancers in Egyptian wedding ceremonies.
Tahtib The traditional male Sa'idi stick dance from which cane dancing was derived.
Wings of Isis A special type of veil that uses built-in sticks to extend the reach of the arms to create something that looks like wings. The fabric is pleated to fold in and out nicely.
Zills Finger cymbals.